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The fees and charges for a home loan & Loan against property are comprises of many aspects. For the breakdown of the total fees and charges, please refer to the composite table below:



Processing Fees

Up to 2% (including non-refundable fees of Rs. 3500/- for Loan up to Rs 35Lakh & 4500/- for Loan more than Rs 35Lakh)

Documentation charges


Loan up to 35Lakh: Rs. 2500/-
Loan more than 35Lakh: Rs. 5000/-

Stamping / Franking Charges for Loan


Applicable as per the respective State's Stamp Act.

CERSAI Charges


Rs. 500/- per property

Charges for Change in Property / Asset / Collateral


Rs. 0.5% of Principal outstanding

Dishonor Charges


Rs. 750/- per instance (inclusive of Taxes)

Overdue Interest


3% pm. on unpaid amount

Loan cancellation Charges


Rs. 10000/- along with applicable interest amount from the date of disbursement
till the date of cancellation will be charged

Part/Full Prepayment charges

  • In case where customer has opted fixed ROI or Borrower or CoBorrower/s is/are Non-Individual:

  • For Loan against Property cases:
    - 4% of Principal Outstanding

  • For Home Loans:
    1 Between 6-12 Months from Disb.: 5% on Principal outstanding
    2 Between 13-24 Months from Disb.: 3% on Principal outstanding
    3 After 24 Months from Disb.: 2% on Principle outstanding

  • No Prepayment is allowed till the lapse of Lock-in-period of 6 months after date of disb.

  • For Part Prepayment any time after the Lock-in Period, Prepayment Charges shall be 5% or 4% or 3% or 2% of the Prepayment Amount

  • If, for any reason, the Customer wants to make any Full / Part Prepayment before completion of the Lock-in Period, in addition to the Prepayment Charges as specified above, Interest for the Broken Lock-in period shall also be levied

  • In case of floating rate of Interest, the foreclosure Charges in case of individual Borrower & Co-borrowers would be NIL. They can close without any part/full prepayment charges.

  • In case of combo Rate of Interest:

  • For individual Borrowers, the Foreclosure charges on/during the fixed rate of Interest Tenure, would be the same as specified above for Fixed Rate of Interest & during Floating rate of interest tenure, FC charges would be NIL.

  • For Non-individual borrowers/Co-borrowers, the foreclosure charges would be the same as specified for the fixed Rate of Interest above.

Charges for change in EMI Cycle


Rs. 500/- + Broken period Interest

Switch Fees / Rate Reduction charges


Upto 2% of Principal Outstanding



Charges for Interest Certificate / Account Statement


Free once in a Financial Year. Thereafter, Rs. 500/- (per instance)

Charges for copies of any documents (per LAN per retrieval)


Rs. 1000/- per LAN per Retrieval for any document
Rs. 2500/- per LAN complete file

Charges for NOC/ No Dues certificate.


First "Nil", Duplicate Rs. 500/-

Prepayment/Foreclosure Statement Charges


Rs.500/- per request

Repayment Mode / Account swap charges


Rs.500/- per swap

Changing Fixed Rate to Floating & Vice versa


0.5% of Principal Outstanding

SPDC retrieval Charges



Rs. 500/- up to 60 days from the day of Pre-closure/ Swap/ Matured/ Customer induced transaction

Charges for Part Disbursement


Rs.1000/- per request

Commitment charges or Loan downsizing charges


2% of undisbursed amount

Re-issuance of Pay Order/Disbursement Cheque


Rs.1000/- per instance

List of Documents


Rs.1000/- per request

Original Property Document handling / retrieval charges


Rs.1500/- per retrieval

Legal / Collection/ Repossession & Incidental charges


As per Actual

Cash Handling Charges.
(Maximum permissible cash receipts : Rs 2Lakh)


1% of cash receipts for more than Rs.50000/-


*All applicable Fees & charges are subject to levy of applicable Tax + surcharge, if payable, is to be paid in addition to the fees/charges.