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Our Parentage

Reliance Capital Ltd., is our parent and our spiritual guide. Being one of largest private sector ....


About us page - About Reliance Group

Reliance Group

Founded by the late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani in 1966, the Reliance Group has a leading presence in financial services, power, infrastructure, defense, media & entertainment, and healthcare. Reliance Group also comprises of educational institutes such as MICA, an institute for higher learning.

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Few men in history have made as impressive a contribution to this country's economic revolutions as did the founder of Reliance, Sh. Dhirubhai H Ambani. Fewer still have left behind a legacy that is more enduring and timeless.

Fiery instinct, futuristic outlook & an indomitable will was all that Dhirubhai Ambani had when he set out to work his way for a living in the lanes of Bombay, way back in 1958.

Fuelled by an aim to ‘Think Big, Think Differently, Think Fast and Think Ahead’ his abilities in the entrepreneurial sector were in stark contrast with his competitors. His endurance has built a future for aspiring entrepreneurs of today.

In 2016, He was honored posthumously with the Padma Vibhushan, one of India's second highest civilian honour, for his contributions in development of trade and industry.

Sh. Dhirubhai Ambani was led by his traditionally rooted values and contemporary outlook. He had a passion for mega-sized projects and state of the art technology efficiency.

Guided by our founder, Reliance Group symbolizes the spirit of new resurgent India. Our goal is to build a great organization for our stakeholders, more prominently, to give people the opportunity to fulfil their dreams, form their own destiny, and realize their true potential.


Reliance Group

Founded by the late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani in 1966, the Reliance Group has a leading presence in financial services, power, infrastructure, defense, media & entertainment, and healthcare. Reliance Group also comprises of educational institutes such as MICA, an institute for higher learning.

The Reliance Group believes that it has a vital part to play in moulding the destiny of our nation. Through its various businesses, The Group provides a strong platform to every Indian to understand their potential through its state-of-the-art technology, consumer driven products and a well trained manpower.

Through different companies, The Group impacts 1 in every 5 Indians across 25,000 cities & towns and 400,000 villages. The Group is one of the key employers in the country with a young, highly-trained and inspired workforce.



Few men in history have made as dramatic a contribution to their country's economic fortunes as did the founder of Reliance, Sh. Dhirubhai H Ambani. Fewer still have left behind a legacy that is more enduring and timeless.


About us page - Chairman Desk

  • From theGroup Chairman's Desk

    Anil Ambani GROUP CHAIRMAN

    A New Reliance For A New World. If the last century was about meeting human needs, the new millennium is about matching human aspirations...


    A New Reliance For A New World. If the last century was about meeting human needs, the new millennium is about matching human aspirations.

    We live in a world where the young are reaching higher, dreaming bigger and demanding more; a world that is challenging the limits of hope and possibility.

    Nowhere is this more strikingly visible than in India – a country that wakes up every morning a little younger in age, but infinitely more ambitious in spirit.

    India's demographic transition is an extraordinary moment in world history. Today, over 600 million young people, or more than 1 in 2 Indians, are below the age of 25. In 15 years, this number is set to touch 700 million, making India the largest community of youth anywhere in the world.

    New India shows the impatience of youth; the desire for real and rapid change - for a quality of life that is second to none.

    Transportation, communications, energy, information, entertainment, technology, education, healthcare and personal finance, New India wants world-class products and services. Reliance Group embodies the spirit of this new resurgent India.

    Our goal is not just to build a great enterprise for our stakeholders, but, more importantly, to build a great future for our country and the world at large; to give hundreds of millions of people the power to fulfill their dreams, shape their own destiny, and the means to realize their true and diverse potential.

    Energy and communications, financial services and infrastructure, new economy and old - our businesses will span the entire varied landscape of emerging human aspirations. We will work with commitment and resolve to create pathways that connect ambition to achievement, promise to performance, potential to reality....

    We will bridge the gap between quantity and quality; leveraging our strength in managing large-scale operations even as we deliver best-of-class products and services to our consumers. Focussing on the burgeoning aspirations of our young consumers will remain one of our key driving values.

    We will rethink every business process, product and service from the standpoint of the consumer – with a commitment to enhance experience at every touch point.

    Our founder, the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani, gave us a simple mantra for entrepreneurship: "Think big. Think fast. Think Ahead."

    We will think bigger. We will think faster. But, most important of all, we will Think Better – to stay ahead of competition and of our times. Welcome to the Reliance Group. It is the New Reliance for the New World!

  • From the ExecutiveDirector's Desk


    “Together we are digital; we are disruptive; we are dreamers!” Anmol Ambani joined the Board of Reliance Capital, as an Additional Director.....


    “Together we are digital; we are disruptive; we are dreamers!”

    Anmol Ambani joined the Board of Reliance Capital, as an Additional Director, on August 23, 2016. He looks at the future with enormous optimism. With him on board, we believe the future will be a blend of physical and digital, which is ‘Phygital’!

    Anmol plans to increase the company’s digital footprint and focus on innovations. He promises that the company aims to be the number one in the financial services market in the coming years on the back of technology. With Anmol on board, our aim is for our businesses to be ranked in the top 3 within their respective industries in the near future. There is presently an estimated shortage of 100 million residential units in India. To address the needs of this sector, Reliance Home Finance has charted an aggressive growth plan in this space, and aims to increase its book size to over 50,000 crore in the next few years.


aAbout Us - Our People new

Our People

  • Padmanabh Vora| Non-Executive Chairman & Independent Director

    Team Member

    75 years, is a practicing Chartered Accountant and a Managing Partner in P. P. Vora & Co, Chartered Accountants. He has over four decades of experience in finance, banking and management. He has in the past held managing directorship and chairmanship of IDBI Bank Limited and chairmanship of National Housing Bank, the regulatory body for housing finance in India.

  • Deena mehta| Independent Director

    Team Member

    57 years, is a Chartered Accountant, Masters in Management Studies (Finance), and Fellow Member of Securities and Investment Institute London. She is a former President of Bombay Stock Exchange and has the honour of being the first woman Director on Board of BSE as well as being the first woman President. She is also a former director of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). She was the promoter director of Central Depository Services (India) Ltd and is a Founder Member of South Asian Federation of exchanges, the association of stock exchanges of SAARC countries. She has been an invitee to International Securities Regulators Organization and a member of the Index Committee and Advisory Committee on mutual funds of stock exchange, Mumbai. Member of SEBI committees such as Review of Eligibility (CORE) norms of SEBI, Derivative Committee, Delisting Committee, Ethics Committee, and Investor Education.

  • Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Syed Ata Hasnain| Independent Director

    Team Member

    65 years, participated in Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka during 1988-90 and counter insurgency operations in Punjab in 1990-91. During the 1990s he served with the United Nations in Mozambique, and later, war torn Rwanda. He commanded his unit in the Siachen Glacier. He is one of the rare officers to have commanded a company, battalion, brigade, division and corps, all in the challenging environment of Jammu & Kashmir.

    As a Lieutenant General, Hasnain was initially the General Officer Commanding (GOC), XXI Corps, in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and was then specially nominated to take over the Srinagar based 15 Corps when turbulence hit Kashmir in a big way. He was instrumental in restoring stability to Kashmir through his innovative ‘Hearts Doctrine’. On June 09, 2012, Lt Gen Hasnain took office as the Military Secretary, at Army Headquarters, New Delhi. On September 7, 2013, Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd) was awarded his first civilian honor by the Capital Foundation Society of Delhi. The award was for Military leadership of an exceptional order. He is one of highest decorated officers of the Indian Army having been decorated eight times.

    Ever since his superannuation, General Hasnain has actively pursued intellectual activities. He writes for a large number of media houses, and appears as a strategic affairs commentator on various TV channels. His area of emphasis is J&K, Pakistan and West Asia besides affairs of the Army concerning equipment management, doctrine and training. He holds a B.A. (Honours) degree in History from St Stephen’s College and is a post graduate in International Relations from Kings College, University of London; he also has an M Phil in Defence & Management Studies from University of Indore. In addition he has attended long programs in Strategic Studies at the Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) and the Asia Pacific Center for Strategic Studies (APCSS), Hawaii, USA.

    General Hasnain is a member of the Eminent Persons Group on Indonesia for consultation by the MEA. He is also on the Experts Committee of the MEA on Afghanistan. He is a President of India’s Nominee on the Executive Council of Aligarh Muslim University. On July 12, 2018 he has been appointed the Chancellor of the Central University of Kashmir, by the President of India, only the second time that a military leader has received that honour.

  • Gautam Doshi| Director

    Team Member

    65 years, is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has served as the Chairman of the Western India Regional Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the year 1982-83, and was elected to the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for two consecutive terms spanning over 1992 to 1998. He also held key positions in various organizations such as M/s. Bansi S. Mehta & Co. and Ambit Corporate Finance Private Limited. He specialises in the fields of taxation and regulatory areas. He is associated with Reliance Group since 2005 and presently is a Group Managing Director of Reliance Group.

  • Jai Anmol Ambani| Director

    Team Member

    26 years, studied in Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, till Xth (2007) and thereafter completed his schooling from Seven Oaks School, United Kingdom, in 2009.

    Anmol completed his undergraduate studies – BSC in Management - from Warwick Business School, UK. He has four years of experience in financial services. He is the Executive Director of Reliance Capital Limited and alsoserves on the board of Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited.

  • Amit Bapna| Director

    Team Member

    43 years is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is the Chief Financial Officer of Reliance Capital Limited. He has been with Reliance Capital since 2004 and with the Group since 1999. As CFO, he provides financial direction, oversight and control for Reliance Capital and Group companies and strategic leadership for Treasury. He has over eighteen years of experience in varied business environments - manufacturing and financial services.

    He earlier worked in the capacity of CFO of Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited and Reliance Consumer Finance where he played a key role and had been a significant contributor to the exponential growth of our Asset management business and has brought in operational & process disciplines, which has been invaluable to the Consumer Finance business. Prior to that he worked in the Corporate Treasury of Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Ravindra Sudhalkar| Executive Director & CEO

    Team Member

    50 years, is the Executive Director & CEO of the Company. He is Masters in Science (Electronics) from Sardar Patel University, Gujarat. He also holds a masters in business administration from Sardar Patel University. He has over two decades of experience in financial sectors and has been part of the senior management at ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

  • Padmanabh Vora
  • Deena Mehta
  • Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Syed Ata Hasnain
  • Gautam Doshi
  • Jai Anmol Ambani
  • Amit Bapna
  • Ravindra Sudhalkar
  • Ravindra Sudhalkar| Executive Director & CEO

    Team Member

    With over two decades of experience in the financial services sector Ravindra Sudhalkar, has transformed the way of doing business for the organization. Being a passionate leader, Ravindra has led the way for RHF to being one of the Best Places to Work. Under his leadership RHF's employee base has scaled to 900 employees from 800, a year ago.

    Starting his career from the grass root level, his success stint began with GRUH Finance. He moved to ICICI Bank where he last worked as a Business Head - LAP and was involved in putting an efficient mechanism to Mortgage Lending, Credit Analysis, Organisational Leadership, Risk Management, Credit Risk, Business Strategy and Retail Lending for them. He later moved on to Kotak Mahindra Bank and served as a Senior Executive Vice President & Head - Secured Assets. During his time there, he managed a book size of over Rs. 30,000 Crore [US$ 4.5 Billion] and contributed to the major success of the organisation.

    Focused to succeed, he has left no stone unturned to ensure a scalable business for Reliance Home Finance. Under his watch, the total income for Reliance Home Finance increased by 40% in FY17 . Moreover, by leveraging technology and leading a digital transition, he has worked towards building the company's capabilities and enhanced the countrywide reach.

    Ravindra holds an MBA and MSc. Electronics degree. At home he is supported by his wife Ranjana, daughter Ritu and son Neil.

    Being the catalyst that he has driven innovation to develop well-articulated solutions not only for the brand but also its people.

  • Prashant Utreja| Chief Human Resources Officer

    Team Member

    Prashant Utreja is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Reliance Home Finance Limited.

    Prashant holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and is an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune.

    He has a diverse experience of over 19 years ranging from Plant HR, Business HR, Practice Lead HR to HR Leadership role.  He has been with Reliance Home Finance since April 2017 and with Reliance Capital group since October 2005. He has previously worked with two other Reliance Capital Group Companies - Reliance General Insurance and Reliance Commercial Finance as their CHRO. Prior to joining Reliance Capital, he has worked with ICICI Bank, Godrej Group and Piramal Group.

    Prashant has institutionalised career paths and succession planning processes for senior management. Over 70% of all the senior roles and field supervisory roles are filled internally. In his tenure with Reliance Home Finance, the organization has been adjudged in 2017 as one of the India's 20th Best Companies to Work by Great Places to Work Institute.

  • Amit Arora| Business Head for Loans Against Property

    Team Member

    Amit Arora, is the Business Head for Loans Against Property. He is an MBA from SCMHRD, Pune and has completed his Bachelor's in business economics. He has more than 16 years of experience in the retail banking sector and has worked with companies like Standard Chartered Bank, Citi Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and IDFC Bank.

  • Ajith Prabhu| Head Operations

    Team Member

    Ajith Prabhu is an engineer from NIT Rourkela and a post graduate diploma in Operations from KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies having about 20 years' experience in the area of Quality Management, Customer Service and Operations. He has worked in multiple companies across industries like manufacturing, telecom, outsourcing, insurance, consulting and financial services. His core competence lies in the area of improving process efficiencies using methodologies like Business Process Management Systems and Six Sigma. He currently leads the Customer Service and Operations team with an aim to build processes which are customer centric and build efficiencies using digital technologies.

  • Reshma Sethi| Head Business Excellence

    Team Member

    Reshma Sethi is Head Business Excellence, at Reliance Home Finance Limited. She is graduate in B.Com from Mumbai University. Currently she is responsible for designing & deploying the business strategy for Process & Service Excellence and making significant impact to the operational, services and financial performance of the organization as a whole. She is associated with Reliance Capital Ltd. for over 9 years now, her previous assignment was with Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd. where she was working as a Chief Manager, Business Excellence. She has a total work experience of 16 years in Quality Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Knowledge Management and Lean Six Sigma in diverse industry sector.

  • Rahul Sood| Head Collections

    Team Member

    Rahul Sood, is Head Collections at Reliance Home Finance Limited. Rahul holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Control from the International Institute of Management Studies, H P University. He has more than 18 years of experience in the Banking industry and has been associated with GE, SBI Cards and Kotak Bank before joining the Reliance Group.

  • Pinkesh R. Shah| Chief Financial Officer

    Team Member

    Pinkesh R. Shah, Chief Financial Officer, is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has over nineteen years of experience that includes financial controllership, tax planning, secretarial compliances, international operations, system improvements, process management and financial planning & analysis function. He earlier worked with Lodha Group / Lodha Ventures for a decade where he played a key role in the Accounts, Tax & Secretarial function.

  • Parul Jain| Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

    Team Member

    Parul Jain, Company Secretary & Compliance Officer, is a commerce graduate from University of Rajasthan and an Associate Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. She has been associated with Reliance Group since May 2007 and is responsible for corporate secretarial and compliance functions.

  • Sangram Baviskar| Business Head for Mortgage-Construction Finance

    Team Member

    Sangram Baviskar, is the Business Head for Mortgage-Construction Finance at Reliance Home Finance Limited. He has over 19  years of experience in Mortgages Sales  & Real Estate and has previously worked with Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, ICICI Bank Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and Bell Ceramics Ltd. Sangram is a B.E in Civil and has further done his Post Graduation Diploma in Management (Finance & Marketing) from Institute of Management Development & Research, Pune. He has been associated with the company since May,2017.

  • Rahul Mehta| Managing Partner for Property Solutions Group

    Team Member

    Rahul Mehta is the Managing Partner for Property Solutions Group at Reliance Home Finance Limited. He holds a degree in B.Com and an MBA from K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research. He has been working with the company for over 7 years with 15 years of exp. in FMCG & Retail Sales, Real Estate, Property Advisory. He has previously worked with Wipro, Arvind Brands, Colliers Int, DTZ International, Property Advisors 

  • Kunal Dikshit| Chief Technology Officer

    Team Member

    Kunal has been on the team since June 2018 as the Technology Head.

    Electronics engineer and a management graduate by profession, Kunal brings to the team 17 plus years of experience in Technology in BFSI domain.

    Prior to his role with us, he has worked with Religare as Senior Vice President – Enterprise Solutions, CitiCorp as Vice President Operations and Technology, GE Money as Program Manager and Polaris Software Labs. Apart from his love for technology he harbors an ambition to open a sports academy soon.

    Kunal is a B.E in Electronics and Telecommunication and has further done his Post Graduation Diploma in Management (Systems & Marketing) from NITIE, Mumbai.

  • Abhishek Roy| CMO and Head Digital

    Team Member

    Abhishek Roy is the Head for Marketing and Digital at Reliance Home Finance Limited. He holds an MBA degree from University of Bath, UK and was associated with Reliance Nippon Life prior to joining Reliance Home Finance. He has been working with the company since April 2017 and with the group for over 3 years. He has 9 years of experience in Strategic Brand Development & Planning, Campaign Management & Research ,Media Planning & Digital Marketing

  • Akshay Landge| Head for Legal

    Team Member

    Akshay Landge is the Head for Legal at Reliance Home Finance Limited. He holds a degree in LLB from University of Pune. He has been working with the company from March, 2017. He has 14 years of experience in Legal & Compliance and has previously worked with Kotak Mahindra Bank and NKGSB Bank

  • Ravindra Sudhalkar
  • Prashant Utreja
  • Amit Arora
  • Ajith Prabhu
  • Reshma Sethi
  • Rahul Sood
  • Pinkesh R. Shah
  • Parul Jain
  • Sangram Baviskar
  • Rahul Mehta
  • Kunal Dikshit
  • Abhishek Roy
  • Akshay Landge
  • Arpit Malaviya| National Manager- Treasury

    Team Member

    Arpit joined RHF in August 2017 as the National Manager - Treasury.

    Arpit has had a successful stint with a variety of investment strategies. He has played different roles as an intermediary, a dealer and a portfolio manager. He has a wide 13 years of exposure to Fixed Income investment vehicle with diversified exposure to Insurance and Mutual fund industry.

    Prior to joining us, he has worked with Reliance Life Insurance. A recent value addition to the company, he is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate in B.Com from University of Bombay.

  • Uday Kiran Poodipedi| Manager – Talent Acquisition & Employee Relations

    Team Member

    Uday joined RHF in November 2015 as National Manager – Talent Acquisition & Employee Relations.

    Uday in his current role at Reliance Home Finance spearheads the entire gamut of Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations. In addition to that he is also responsible for Employee Engagament and Talent Management for the organization. He has a total experience of 13 years of which he has worked for 8 years with the Reliance ADA Group handling different assignments across Reliance General Insurance, Reliance MediaWorks and now Reliance Home Finance. He has also worked with notable organizations like HDFC ERGO General Insurance and L&T Financial Services handling their Recruitment and Business HR respectively. He has completed his PGDM course from K.J.Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research (Class of 2005) and is a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Berhampur University, Odisha (2002). He is a huge movie buff and an ardent dog lover and is a member of numerous people for animals organizations. In addition to this he is also a certified OPQ professional.

  • Nimesh Chonkar| National Manager – Compensation, Benefits and Rewards

    Team Member

    Nimesh is a certified SAP HCM Functional Consultant working with Reliance Group since September 2015 and is currently designated as National Manager for Compensation, Benefits and Rewards.

    In his current role, Nimesh leads Compensation, Benefits and Rewards for Reliance Home Finance. Additionally, he is also responsible for Frontline Sourcing for the organization. Out of his total experience of 16 years, more than 6 years is with Reliance ADA Group wherein he has been associated with different Line of Businesses like Reliance General Insurance, Reliance Capital and now Reliance Home Finance. He has also worked with organizations like Tata Consultancy Services, L&T Infotech & ICICI Bank. In leisure time, Nimesh likes to cook and spend time with his family.

  • Ameya Joglekar| National Manager, RCU

    Team Member

    Ameya joined RHFL in Nov 2017 and is the National Manager for RCU (Risk Containment Unit). Prior to his association with us, he worked with companies like Experian India as National Manager - Fraud & ID Solutions, Edelweiss Housing Finance as Head - Fraud Control Unit and as a Regional Head in Barclays Finance and HSBC Bank. He has a varied experience in Fraud Control, Investigations & Risk Management.


    A B Sc. in Physics and a CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) by qualification, Ameya has over 17 years of experience in the Retail Finance Business across portfolios like Home Loans, Mortgages & Credit Cards. On a personal front, Personally, he is passionate about running and is an avid Marathoner.

  • Rajkumar M| National Credit Manager (Construction Finance)

    Team Member

    Rajkumar has been with Reliance group since Feb 2011 and currently is the Credit Head for Real Estate Finance Business. An Electrical engineer and Management Post Graduate by profession, Rajkumar brings to the team an overall experience of 19 years with around 15 years in Banking and Credit Risk functions. Prior to working with us, he worked with ICICI Bank for 7 years in various responsibilities.

  • Kishore Karmaran| National Manager, Administration & Infrastructure

    Team Member

    Kishore has been associated with the Reliance Group in October 2005 and has worked in almost all LOBs of Reliance Capital. He is the National Manager, Administration & Infrastructure for Reliance Home Finance Ltd. He has an experience of about 19 years working with SCICI, ICICI and ICICI Capital with an LLB by qualification. He is the proud recipient of an appreciation letter / award from KV Kamath and has received 12 awards in his 13 year stint with the Reliance Group. He is a staunch believer and advisor of Vaastu Shastra.

  • Vikash Kejriwal| National Manager Policy & Risk

    Team Member

    Vikash joined RHF in Feb 2017 in Central Underwriting Team for underwriting high value Home Loans, subsequently in Aug 2017, he was designated as National Manager Policy & Risk. A Chartered Accountant by qualification with almost 14 years of credit underwriting experience in the retail lending field, he has worked with Magma Leasing Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank and Axis Bank managing credit risk for Mortgage products. He has been Instrumental in building a healthy portfolio and streamlining the credit delegation authority procedure.

  • Yash Shah| National Credit Manager – LAP & HL

    Team Member

    Yash joined RHF in Jan 2017 as the National Credit Manager for Home Loans and has recently been elevated as National Credit Manager - Loan Against Property & Home Loans. Earlier he was with Kotak Mahindra Bank for 11 years and was managing central underwriting for Home Loan, Loan against property, working capital and business loans. He is a B.Com, Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner in qualification. He played a crucial role during acquisition of Barclays BIL Portfolio and integration of ING Vysya Bank asset portfolio into Kotak Mahindra Bank.

  • Arun Pareek| National Credit Manager – Affordable Home Loans

    Team Member

    Arun has been with Reliance Home Finance since 2010 and has worked in varied products like Commercial Vehicle, Construction Equipment’s, Loan Against Properties, Home loan. He is elevated as National Credit Manager - Affordable home loans in May 2018. Arun is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has overall 15 year of experience in retail asset operations and Credit risk functions. Prior to Reliance Home Finance, he has worked with ICICI Bank, GE Capital and Bajaj Finance Ltd.

  • Kishore Brahmecha| National Product Manager for Affordable Home Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property and Construction Finance

    Team Member

    Kishor has been with RHF since May 2007 as a National Product Manager for Affordable Home Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property and Construction Finance. He brings to the team a colossal, all round 20 years of experience in automobile sales, auto Loan, supply chain finance and mortgage loan. He is a Production engineer and a management graduate by profession. Prior to his role with us, he has worked with leading automobile companies like Hyundai Motors India and Tata Motors passenger car division as Regional Sales Manager – West Region. He was instrumental in setting up Car Loan Business as Reliance and tie-ups with key automobile manufacturers and dealers. In his leisure time, Kishore loves travelling and has traveled across many geographies.

  • Vijesh Thota| Partner – Credit Sales & Securitization

    Team Member

    Vijesh joined RHF in Sept 2017 as Principal Partner – Credit Sales & Securitization for Construction Finance business having an overall experience of around 12 years across Real Estate Finance, Project Advisory and Debt Capital Markets. He has done his Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from XLRI, Jamshedpur and is an Economics (Hons) graduate from St. Xavier’s Calcutta (Calcutta University). He is a long distance runner, an avid reader and a theatre enthusiast.

  • Rakesh Khosla| Head - Technology Projects

    Team Member

    Rakesh has been with the Reliance Group since December 2010. He is Head - Technology projects leading all web projects. Earlier, he was working with organisations like Dhanlaxmi Bank, 3i Publishing Pvt Ltd and Ezcomm Trade Technologies. He is B. Com, PMP certified by PMI Institute & PGMP certified by PMI Institute.

  • Bhupal Singh| Financial Controller

    Team Member

    Bhupal joined RHF in Sep 2017 as a Financial Controller (Financial Planning, Reporting, Financial Analysis, Internal Control & Accounts) and had a 12.5 year stint with Kotak Mahindra Bank ( BIU Finance and  Retail Assets Operations) & 2 years with LoveLock & Lewes in loan processing. He is a MBA - Finance (ICFAI University) & M. Com ( Mumbai University). He played a crucial role during acquisition of Barclays BIL Portfolio and Integration of ING Vysya Bank into Kotak Mahindra Bank and also managed the entire valuation modelling for all retail assets portfolio, acquisition & takeovers.

  • Sunil Jadhav| Operations Manager (Branch Operations)

    Team Member

    Sunil has been with RHF since December 2007 and is the National Operations Manager (Branch Operations). Prior to joining RHF, he was with ICICI Bank for 4 years.

    Sunil carries more than 22 years of experience in retail asset operations, credit operations & process audits. He is a B.Com from Mumbai University. He had been instrumental in setting up a separate vertical for Credit Operations and merged the loan operations team, to improve turn around time, productivity & operational cost. He has keen interest in moving the Operation department from Cost Centre to Profit Centre by reaping on revenue generation opportunities through cross-selling at the front desk.

  • Lalit Rout| Head - Technology Infrastructure

    Team Member

    Lalit joined RHF as Head Technology – Infrastructure & Information Security Technology in May 2007 having 25 years of rich experience in managing Information Technology for Banking & Financial organizations. He has a vast experience in managing IT Infrastructure, data center, network, end-user computing, cloud computing, program management, process automations & change management , digital products / platforms and information security operations. He transformed IT infrastructure to state of the art and cost-effective technology in line with business strategy to meet business objectives.

  • Arpit Malaviya
  • Uday Kiran Poodipedi
  • Nimesh Chonkar
  • Ameya Joglekar
  • Rajkumar M
  • Kishore Karmaran
  • Vikash Kejriwal
  • Yash Shah
  • Arun Pareek
  • Kishore Brahmecha
  • Vijesh Thota
  • Rakesh Khosla
  • Bhupal Singh
  • Sunil Jadhav
  • Lalit Rout

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