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Home Loan Interest Rates


The Government of India has introduced a series of radical and transformational reforms that have made a deep impact on the real estate industry. Demonetization, Real Estate Regulatory Bill (RERA), FDI relaxations, GST and Change in Accounting Standards (IFRS) among others will make it easy for a common man to buy a house.

Besides all of these benefits, the government has also introduced a revised repo rate in the month of August' 17 which marks a future for the housing finance industry, it is likely believed that this announcement will eventually lower down the interest rates on home loans.

Home loan interest rates in India is expected to show a positive curve in the coming years as a lot of policies are favoring the affordable housing sector. Like for e.g. the CLSS scheme by PMAY.

At Reliance Home Finance, we manage portfolios with an optimum lending capacity based on the credit-worthiness of the customer; we offer the most suitable home loan rates based on the customer’s requirement and background.

Our home loan interest rates are case specific and we aim to serve many SMEs and potential businesses that require a lender like us to help them leverage their dreams.

We understand owning a house is one of your most cherished dreams. And our home loan can help you fulfill that dream faster. So whether you are building a house, purchasing an apartment or buying a resale property, we will assist you with a reasonable housing loan interest rate.

We suggest you to compare your home loan interest rates to evaluate your EMI and avail the one that fits best as per your requirement. To apply for a home loan, you must invest some time in researching the top housing finance companies in India and their USPs. With Reliance Home Finance; you get the benefit of getting your loan sanctioned in 48 hours and a competitive interest rate based on your profile.

Calculating your EMIs is very easy. Just click on the below given link and use the home loan EMI calculator.


How do interest rates impact your loan amount?

Your housing loan interest can end up costing a substantial amount of money if you don’t evaluate your EMI’s and principal interest before applying, so make sure you plan your disposable income and then calculate your EMIs. Make sure you consider all liabilities while you calculate your eligibility for you to be rest assured of your strength in paying your EMIs.