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RBI Circular


This is with reference to RBI circular DPSS.CO.CHD.No. 399 / 04.07.05 / 2012-13 dated September 3rd, 2012 on Cheque Truncation System (CTS 2010).

There have been certain changes made to the cheques issued by the Banks in order to facilitate clearing under CTS. These changes are available only in cheque books issued by your banker after August 2011.

If you have obtained the cheque book prior to this, the cheques will not be valid after July 31st 2013 for clearing. You are therefore requested to swap new CTS compliant cheque against existing non CTS compliant cheques or you can also swap your Repayment mode to ECS by visiting our nearest branch. We will appreciate if you can swap repayment before July 15 2013.

Pls note, you need to check whether CTS-2010 is specified on the left hand side of the cheque which is an indication of cheque being CTS compliant.


Click here to refer the RBI circular.


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