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Mortgage Loan Interest Rates


Know about Loan against Property (LAP) & LAP interest rates

Loan against Property is a form of secured loan given by NBFC's and other banking services. The loan has a mortgage loan rate of interest rate attached to it. You can use your property as a security to avail this kind of loan. A customer needs to evaluate the property loan interest rate and look for the best deal which suits their requirement. The loan against property interest rate can vary based on each customer's requirement and portfolio.

The amount appraised from the mortgage can then be used for commercial investments such as financial requirements for business or any other profitable ventures. Properties like land, self-occupied property, rented or vacant property, etc., can qualify for a loan against property. Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) can be used to repay the loan taken against your property. When you apply for a mortgage loan, there is mortgage loan interest rate that is attached to it which the owner agrees to pay during the application. Compared to personal loans, the loan against property rate of interest is lower. As the interest rate on loan against property is lower, the Equated Monthly Instalments becomes cheaper when compared to personal loans.

Our team closely evaluates the customer's profile and further checks the presence of a strong and reliable background in order to establish a strong and long-lasting relationship. Reliance Home Finance Ltd. dedicatedly serves its customers with the best possible lending amount which will guide them in building a better working capital and create opportunities for a prospective alliance.

Rate of Interest for Self Employed Customers
10% to 14%